Leather Repair

Specializing in horse equipment and tack.

Saddle and Tack Repair

Leather is the ideal material for saddles and tack because of its strength and durability and, when taken care of properly, quality leather can last for many years. Having your saddle and tack professionally repaired will ensure your equipment is in good working order. As a qualified Leather Wright, Beth has acquired the knowledge and skills to repair and restore your valued saddle and tack. For more information or quotes on these services and their custom repair work, please contact Beth Horton at 763-267-9466 or email bethv.horton@gmail.com

Custom Designed Bridles

Custom bridles are just like you are thinking: a bridle made specifically for the measurements of your horse. Don't settle for just any bridle. Beth can customize your own high end, handmade quality leather bridle. Beth uses quality English bridle leather from Wickett and Craig. Made – and sewn – by hand, these custom bridles are perfect for fashionable riders who will settle for nothing but the best. Beth will design the bridle to your taste. If there is something special, Beth would be delighted to craft it according to your specifications.

Additional Services

StitchWitch Leather Works repair offerings: Alterations, new billets, new elastic on girths, new girth buckles, dyeing and sealing, custom lunge cavessons and alterations, new stirrup straps, new fleece - synthetic or wool, dee rings & riggings, conchos, repair & replace saddle horns, repair cantles, breast collar repair and much more. A dog collar is your dog’s trusty companion, and only the highest quality suffices. A dog leash is exposed to a certain level of activity on a daily basis , so it is important to find a dog leash of a sufficient quality that matches the strength and activity level of the dog. Beth can help!

About SwitchWitch Leather Works . . .

From professional trainer to pleasure rider, the one thing all horse enthusiasts have in common is their reliance on their equipment. Whether you're training or trail riding, you expect your equipment to function properly in order to keep you and your horse safe and comfortable. Saddles and tack are serious investments these days and become priceless when broken-in for that perfect fit and feel.

Don't let heavy use, damaging molds and mildews or a lack of regular cleaning and conditioning take its toll on your saddle and tack. When you find your equipment is in need of repair or reconditioning, consider the services of a professional leatherwright.

StitchWitch Leather Works specializes in the repair and reconditioning of saddles and tack, both English and Western. Beth Horton, proprietor of Stitchwitch Leather Works has over 30 years' experience as a leatherwright and has the skills required to meet your expectations when it comes to repairing your equipment.

Beth is a fellow equestrian of 50 years so she knows exactly what the needs are. She takes great pride in repairing your equipment, caring for your saddle and tack as if it were her own. The goal is to restore your saddle, tack and other equipment. The quality in the craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in the results. 



"Beth has done several projects for me including making custom halters and a bridle. She has also repaired leather items for me. Her workmanship is outstanding! The items she's made for me are beautiful and very high quality. She is highly knowledgeable, provides excellent service and pricing is very reasonable. She is the best! Highly recommend!"

Lisa Ruotsi

"Beth has done several jobs for me. She lengthened the cheek piece of a bridle that was just a little too short for my mare. It now ffits well and saved me having to replace it. Beth also took my old sun damaged County saddle and dyed it for me. It looks like a million bucks! What has impressed me about Beth is her passion for leather and quality leather work. She does a beautiful job and I would highly recommend her.'

Jesse Lemieux

"In the past year, Beth has custom built a belt for me and also re-dyed my County dressage saddle. The belt is made of buttery soft high quality bridle leather and my saddle looks like brand new! The belt she actually did while I waited and the saddle took only a few days. She's fast, effficient, does quality work and she understands  equestrians, because she IS one!"

Sharon Scholl

Does your saddle and tack need help?

Gallery of Beth's Work

A Message from Beth on Leather Cleaning, Reconditioning and Restoring:

Beth's mare Callie

The one source that makes leather soft and pliable is its fat content. If not cared for properly, leather's fat content can become depleted and once lost, it cannot be replaced artificially. Only the source of the loss can be stopped and further prevented. When leather's fats are depleted it will become brittle, dry, cracked and thus braking easily. Storing tack in high humidity climates can also create conditions in which fats deplete and mold and mildew can grow. This is a systemic condition, the green mold that is seen is only the "flower": the roots are deep within the leather and a normal cleaning will only permit the molds and mildew to return time and again. In order to restore the leather to a healthy condition, the roots must be killed. Contrasting this is the over-use of conditioners. This over-use of conditioners can cause leather to stretch as the fat/flesh fibers break down. There are many products on the market that can be applied to leather on a regular basis in order to halt fat loss, preserving it and giving tack a longer and a more useful life. Conditioning applications can "lock in" fats and "lockout" sweat and grime, bringing tack back. Knowing the kind of tanning process used on your tack and restorative product's capabilities is important as conservative approach to their use takes experience. We are able to provide you with this expert care.